Gas Grill Reviews & Buying Guide

Posted on 04. Sep, 2013

Let’s face it, barbecuing is the greatest way to cook, period.

Given the chance, most of us would choose a BBQ over any other type of cooking most days – and with all the options available to us these days it’s getting more and more easy to make the gas grill a regular part of our cooking routine.

Whether it’s a barbecue party in your yard with family and friends, just a healthy grilled meal for two or a nice steak over some hot flames down by the river on a weekend camping trip, there is a barbecue for all occasions.

With all this choice however, it can be difficult knowing the great gas grills from the terrible ones, so we have scoured the internet analysing reviews of many of the top rated (and the worst rated) grills so that we can bring you a list here that contains only the very best performing and most reliable ones out of the lot.


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Gas Grill Buying Guide

These days, most people would go for gas grills because aside from the short wait in order to start cooking, they are lots easier to clean. If you are planning to buy one however, bear in mind these tips so as to have that fun barbecuing experience with family and friends:

1. Know the Cost Involved and Stick to your Budget

Entry-Level refers to the most basic gas grills which are usually the more reasonably and economically priced starting from $150 to $300. As these types of gas grills produce their own heat, wood or charcoal are not needed. Best type of gas grills to go for in this level are those made of stainless steel.

Mid-Range gas grills have more features compared to your basic entry level types so it follows that these are a bit more expensive with prices ranging from $350 to $1,150. As these gas grills already require a bit of hefty bundle of dollars, go for the ones produced by established manufacturers so you would get a product that is of good quality.

Deluxe Models, as the name clearly says, are the high end gas grills with prices starting at $1,500 and going for more than $5,000. The main selling point of these classy gas grills are their impressive BTU ratings and the brand name that they bring which is basically what you are mostly paying for if you have the luxury to buy it.

2. Know the Basic ABCs of a Gas Grill

a. The hood on top of every grill keeps the heat from escaping.

b. The cookbox houses the cooking system and is basically the heart of the whole grill. It consists of the cooking grates where food is placed, a heat dispersal system found underneath the grates and the burner tubes at the bottom which provides the heat.

c. Underneath the cookbox is a mechanism that enables the grill to channel and collect grease.

3. Understand the BTU Ratings

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit which measures the amount of gas the grill can burn, not the heat output. The general rule for this is the larger the grills, the higher the required BTUs but with gas grills, the ones with less BTUs are actually better because it allows the food to cook more efficiently. Too much can damage the burners and can consequently cause your gas grill a shorter life span.

4. Check the Material the Gas Grill is Made of

A well-built grill feels solid and stable, it doesn’t wiggle so go for one that has a solid steel welded construction. Casters and wheels should be designed to withstand extreme heat and cold temperature so they won’t break. For the hood, bear in mind that a heavy one doesn’t mean that the grill is already good. Choose one with a sturdy and weather resistant handle to provide safe clearance for your arm and hand. Grates are good in quality if they have individually welded porcelain-enameled steel, stainless steel or porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates. Avoid nickel or chrome plated steel because these can rust. Lastly, check where the grease goes. You’ll want to look for one that funnels drippings down and away from burners into an easy-to-reach, high-capacity removable catch pan to avoid overflow.

5. Ensure your Gas Grill’s Maintenance

To get real value for your money, consider the amount of maintenance required to keep your gas grill running before purchasing it. For starters, make sure that the manufacturer of the grill you will buy has good warranty to keep you from spending money on broken down parts along the way that really should not happen in the first place. Likewise, choose a brand that provides comprehensive, uncomplicated product information and offers a toll free customer service line.