Best Above Ground Pool Reviews – 2013

Posted on 04. Sep, 2013

If you have the space, then there is no better option for creating a fun family activity in your back yard than installing a swimming pool. A pool will become the centrepiece of and family party or barbecue in those warm summer months and you’ll be the toast of your neighbourhood when you invite your neighbours to enjoy your pool with you.

A pool can bring people together as it’s something that virtually everyone can enjoy. Until recently the costs have always prevented most regular folk from owning their own, but with modern manufacturing and design techniques there are options for everyone.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best above ground pools to help you choose which one will be best suited to your needs, whether it’s large, small, round or square, we’ve got you covered. If you’d like help knowing what to look for in the best swimming pool then scroll down the page to our buying guide where we lay out some of the things that you should look for when deciding which one to purchase.

Top Rated Above Ground Swimming Pool Reviews for 2013

Here is a list of some of the best rated above ground swimming pools that we found available to purchase online. These pools all come well recommended by the majority of families who are already using them in their homes and if you click on each of the links below you will find our summary for each.



Above Ground Pool Buying Guide

Before you can decide on a new pool, you must first answer one or two questions:

How large and what shape pool do you need?

This is dictated by who will be using the pool, what for, and how much space you have to place it in your garden. For example, oval pools are great for lap swimmers or those with a narrow space to fit the pool. If it’s just going to be used by your young children, then a small round pool will suffice, but if you’re hosting pool parties with your adult friends then you’ll need something much larger.

How much money is in your budget?

As you might have sensibly expected, once you know how big and what shape your new pool will be, you’ll next need to work out which ones fit within your budget because not all pools are the same. The use of different materials and varying levels of build quality means that in order to get a more fully featured pool you will need to spend a little more. This brings me on to the next point, which is about the types of pools that are available.


Types of above ground pools

There are three main types of above ground pool varying in size, features, materials, cost and more.

Ring Pools

Amazon ImageRing pools are the smallest and cheapest type of above ground pool. They are constructed mainly of vinyl and start off soft and flat, until you fill them with water at which point the walls start to rise as the inflatable top ring begins to rise.

Not only are they  an economical option but they are ideal for families who don’t want to have the pool set up all the time as they require less effort to put up and take down.

Frame Pools

Amazon ImageFrame pools are pools which have a sturdy skeleton of steel which supports a vinyl lining. The extra support means that these pools can be larger than ring pools but this comes at a slightly higher price. They are still reasonably easy to put up and take down. Great for larger families or pool parties.

Hard Sided Pools

Amazon ImageAs the name suggests, these pools are similar to frame pools except that they have a very rigid construction consisting of steel, aluminium or resin walls to give superior support and which allows the pools to reach very large sizes.

They are the longest lasting type of pool, they have replaceable lining and are an excellent long-term option. They are also the most expensive.



One final factor that you will need to consider is whether the pool you purchase will require a professional installation, or whether you can do it either by yourself or with the help of a friend or two. This should not put you off whichever the best type of pool happens to be but you should just be aware that you may require an extra hand when it comes to putting the thing up.