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The Large Grill for Your Large Grilling Needs

Amazon ImageDo you love to regularly hold gatherings or lunch dates during weekends? Do you often need to cook for a crowd or a large number of people? Well then, you need a gas grill that can accommodate just about everything you need for the gathering from roast turkey to burgers and even soups.

This is whyChar-Broil Classic 55,000 BTU 5-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner came into existence. Made of durable stainless steel, it can accommodate a really large amount of cooking needs with its 650 square inch primary cooking space and 250 square-inches secondary cooking space.


This particular Char-Broil gas grill model is fully and readily equipped to accommodate all the grillings and cooking you’ll be needing for your gatherings or get together with family and friends. Featuring six stainless-steel burners, it includes a burner solely intended for searing meats. With the ability to generate a total of 65,000 BTU, it also comes with a flush-lidded 10,000 BTU side burner for times when you need to heat up additional food for your guests. The grill is also equipped with an electronic ignition which means fast and easy start up every time you need to cook.  As it has seven control knobs, you can easily control and manipulate the heat it gives off.

Product Reviews

The Affirmatives:

  • It has plenty of power to actually cook and boil water faster than a kitchen stove.
  • The grill heats evenly and cooks food with perfection.
  • Sears steaks like they do in a high-end steak house.
  • Lights easy and gets super hot quickly.
  • Side burner works great.
  • It has wheels on it so it moves around easily on hard surfaces.
  • All parts were labeled and very well packaged.
  • This grill is huge, and heavier than most in this price range.

The Negatives:

  • The arc of the lid isn’t high enough when you are doing rotisserie cooking.
  • Rusts easily.
  • Temperature is hard to control, gets too hot fast.
  • Complaints about damaged and dented parts during delivery of item.
  • It has a flat grease drain pan just below the grate that doesn’t drain well so your grease catches on fire and turns your stuff a nice toxic looking black.

To Whom this Product is Most Ideal For

A grill that is best fit for big families, you can’t go wrong with this user friendly gas grill from Char-Broil as it is fully equipped with more than just anything you need for a gas grill. With its sleek design and stainless-steel lid, control panel, fascias, handle and doors plus the grill that provides and attractive addition, it is truly something to notice in your patio.


Char-Broil Classic 55,000 BTU 5-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner is an ideal model for your large grilling and cooking needs. Supported by all the positive reviews and high ratings it got from happy and satisfied users, this gas grill will surely make your patio even more welcoming to accommodate more gatherings that you can add to your collection of happy memories to your memorabilia.

A Pro-Like Grilling Experience with Char-Griller 3001 Pro Gas Grill

Amazon ImageIf you want to serve grilled meat like a pro even at the comforts of your home, you need a gas grill likeChar-Griller 3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill. Durably made with heavy-steel construction, you can be sure that you, your family and friends will  get to enjoy sumptuous grilled meals with every backyard parties you have.


A gas grill made to last with its durable steel material, the Char Griller is carefully designed to ensure quick and easy organizing and multitasking with its side burner. With a primary cooking space of 438 square-inch and 192 square-inch warming rack, you are well-equipped to serve delicious meals to your family and guests for a weekend gathering. Featuring an electronic ignition probe on every burner and porcelain-coated coated iron grates for your grilling needs, it also comes with utensil hooks to keep all  your utensils within reach, a thermometer for easy monitoring of heat and a stay cool hood handle.

Point by Point

The Good Points:

  • Great sear and amazingly juicy results.
  • The minor flare ups burn out so quickly due to the high temperature of the heat shields, that they contribute more to the flavor than burn the meat.
  • Short cooking time.
  • Large cooking space ideal for a family of five.
  • The cast iron construction leads to even heat. Barrel construction also lends to the even heat of the grill.
  • The burners work well.
  • Easy to reach drip tray.
  • The smoker attachment is a nice idea for those who want the flexibility and convenience of a gas grill with the option for smoke/charcoal.
  • Simple efficient design and comparatively heavy parts.
  • Heavy construction for an entry-level grill.

The Bad Points:

  • Poor assembly instructions.
  • Assembly is a little bit of work and is best accomplished with two people.
  • Rusts easily.
  • Gas leaks at the connection to the propane tank.
  • Expensive replacement parts.

To Whom this Product Works Best

This innovation of a gas grill is good for every home fond of grilling food to eat outdoors or to hold get togethers with family and friends. With its simple and efficient design that’s quite easy to figure out as well as its features to make your cooking more convenient, this gas grill is sure to give you an easier and happy grilling experience.


If you’re eyeing a gas grill to fill that space in your patio, giving the Char-Griller 3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill is worth a try. It’s fully equipped with all the features you’ll need for a pro-like grilling experience. Proof to this is the high rating it got and the countless positive reviews from its happy users. With this grill,  you can definitely count on it to meet your grilling needs.

A Grill Built to Cook for a Powerhouse Crowd

Amazon ImageAre you the type who loves to hold backyard parties or do you come from a large family who loves to grill and eat outdoors? Well then, Char Broil K6B 6-Burner Gas Grill is the grill that’s perfect for you. With a 650-square inch primary cooking area, six stainless steel burners as well as a dedicated searing burner, you are definitely geared up to throw the best backyard parties for your family, relatives and even the whole neighborhood!


Built to cook for a powerhouse crowd, this gas grill features a 650-square-inch primary cooking area that consists of porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, which are complimented by a chrome warming rack for an additional 250 square inch of secondary cooking space.Enjoy grilling burgers, shish kabobs and summer veggies with the primary cooking grates and have the secondary cooking surface handy for warming hamburger buns or for keeping already-cooked foods hot before serving.

It also comes with six stainless-steel burners including a dedicated searing burner that generates a total of 65,000 BTUs along with a flush-lidded 10,000 BTU side burner so you can heat up you savory sauces.

Moreover, its electronic ignition means fast, east stars every time while its seven knobs enable for heat adjustment on all the burners. With its sleek design and stainless-steel lid, control panel, fascias, handle, and doors, this grill provides an attractive addition to any back deck or patio, year after year. Four casters (two locking) also allow for smooth maneuverability.

The Two Sides of the Story

The Good Side:

  • This grill is great for cooking typical backyard barbecue foods in large quantities.
  • Cooks for an army with no problems and it will cook for 1 person as well.
  • Cooks great and very evenly.
  • Fast heating time and it does not use much gas.
  • This is the perfect grill for a large family.
  • Nice storage space underneath for tank and accessories.
  • Large, attractive, and very sturdy.
  • Made of heavy duty material.
  • The cooking area is 2 to 3 times that of most department store grills, and at a comparatively good price.

The Bad Side:

  • Difficult to put together.
  • The grease pan is made of flimsy metal that easily rusts.
  • The gaping hole at the back lets out a ton of heat and makes it difficult to cook in windy conditions too.
  • Heat is warmer towards the back of the grill.
  • Rusts easily.
  • Complaints about the parts not lasting for a couple of months to one year.

Who Should Use this Product

An entertainer of visitors who loves throwing backyard parties or simple get togethers with family and friends would really appreciate the multi-tasking features of the Char Broil K6B 6-Burner Gas Grill. Not only does it cook many varieties of food simultaneously, it saves time and energy plus it doesn’t use up much gas so you save money as well.


This gas grill has more positive reviews compared to the negative proving to be really useful and built for what it’s made to do. With all its convenient features to make your cooking or grilling an even more enjoyable experience, it’s a wonder that it comes at a good deal of a price too. This product has cons, yes, but it’s nothing compared to the many advantages it can give; thereby making it a wise buy.

The More, The Merrier with the Dyna-Glo 5-Burner Gas Grill

Amazon ImageGrill up to 28 hamburgers at one time and have enough food for the whole neighborhood! With the combined trio of performance, durability and quality, a unique product made of stainless steel and burnished bronze metallic finish is the result. Enter Dyna-Glo DGE530BSP-D 5-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner. Featuring a huge cooking space, heavy gauge cooking grates, a warming rack and steel heat tents to flavor foods, this gas grill is sure to give you great cooking experiences with family and friends.


Offering 62,000 total BTUs with 708 square inch of total cooking space, this gas grill is your partner in preparing huge meals. Key features include 3 stainless steel heavy gauge cooking grates for retaining heat and to sear foods to lock in those natural juices, a warming rack and stainless steel heat tents to flavor foods from vaporized fallen juices that bring out that great BBQ taste while at the same time, protecting the 5 stainless steel straight burners. Note that a 12,000 BTU stainless steel side burner is included too. With an easy push button start electronic ignition system, ignition is quick and reliable. Moreover, the grill’s cabinet style design offers two doors with an easy access pullout for the propane tank from the front grill.

Product Reviews


  • A well-built grill. Everything fits nicely together. 
  • No flimsy material.
  • Fires right up and cooks like a dream.
  • No flare-ups.
  • Burners get very hot very quickly.
  • Huge cooking space.
  • The slide-out holder for the propane tank is a REALLY NICE feature. Most grills you have to wrench yourself into a pretzel to take the tank into/out-of the doors. Also makes it easy for opening / closing the valve.
  • Well-packaged – every part is individually wrapped.
  • Easy to assemble with good instructions.


  •  Back of the lid has about a 2″ opening for the length of the grill. You can feel an enormous amount of heat escaping through the back opening; hence the temperature gauge can’t go over 450 degrees, maybe 500 if all 5 burners on high.
  • The side burner is supposed to light using the igniter but you need to light it with a match.

Who Should Use this Product?

If you’re in for large meal preparations with your outdoor cooking, then Dyna-Glo with its huge cooking area and 5 Burners is ideal for you. With key features that makes cooking a whole lot easier for you, you’ll be sure to enjoy your cooking experience with this model, not to mention the delicious food that it produces with its cooking grates that sears food to locks in its natural juices.


Although it has only a few reviews, Dyna-Glo DGE530BSP-D 5-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner actually has no 1 or 2-star rating from its users. Technically, it received both 5 and 4-star ratings only. The cons placed written above are just some minor complaints that the viewers pointed out but as they noted, not a big issue for them at all.  With this, we can safely say that its users are happy with this grill’s performance. That said, it’s a definite wise buy.

Your Defintite Wise Choice of a Gas Grill

Amazon ImageChar-Broil continues to produce gas grill that will surely make every  family’s outdoor cooking experience memorable with the Char-Broil TRU Infrared 3-Burner Gas Grill with Side burner. Featuring a modern day infrared cooking system that is known and patented to Char-Broil, it provides a seared in flavor and never fails to keep your food moist and juicy. You’ll never go wrong when you serve roast turkey using this grill in your every outdoor gathering.


This award-winning gas grill from Char-Broil  takes pride of its patented tru-infrared performance. Made of stainless steel, it is equipped with 3 grate level temperature gauges and a 13,000 BTU flush-lidded side burner. It also a spacious 680 square inch of total cooking area. With its surefire electronic ignition, it’s capable of delivering a spark at every burner. You can also have its dual fuel convertible that has a natural gas conversion kit; however, this is sold separately. This heavy duty, high end grill heats up your food directly while locking in mouth watering flavors and juices with  no hot or cold spots or flare-ups. Definitely the right choice for perfect grilling with a great value.

Product Reviews

The Good:

  • This grill starts up immediately and gets to a great grilling temp in no time.
  • Cooks very well – the meat turns out so juicy and evenly-cooked.
  • The meat also has restaurant quality grill marks that just make the food look better while still being tender and juicy inside.
  • No more burnt outside and raw inside.
  • The cooking surface allows you to add wood chips so they sit in the grooves under the meat. Definitely try this it comes out yummy.
  • The two piece grate system works great with wood chips as well as in eliminating flare-ups and providing even heat distribution.
  • The two piece system is easy the lift out (in three separate sections) and is easy to clean.
  • Doesn’t flare up because the infrared grates double as a flame protector.
  • The surface of the cooking grates have individual thermometers on them that tell you the temperature of that grate.

The Bad:

  • Not that easy to put together and cooking instructions don’t come with the grill.
  • Requires a little more maintenance than other brands of gas grills.
  • Lower base of the grill is a bit flimsy.
  • Doesn’t come with hooks to hold your BBQ tools.
  • Complaints of the grill lasting only for a couple of months as parts started not to function anymore.
  • A few complaints about it not being easy to clean.

To Whom this Product Works Best

This gas grill is the right choice for every home that requires big meal preparations because of its spacious grilling area and even promises to cook your food without extracting its natural flavors.  With its side burner, you can juggle grilling and cooking at the same time saving you much time and energy and with its 3-grate level temperature gauges, heat can be easily controlled so no worries about serving burnt meals.


If you’re planning to have a gas grill to fill in your yard or patio, go for Char-Broil TRU Infrared 3-Burner Gas Grill with Side burner. Because it’s equipped with heat gauges with control that enables you to manage heat, this high-tech gas grill enables you do cooking and grilling at the same time. Proof of its satisfactory performance is its countless great reviews and high ratings from its happy owners making it a definite wise choice of a gas grill.


Enjoying More Cookouts with Your Dependable Grill Organizer

Amazon ImageWeber never fails to provide gas grills with exceptional features for every home. One of its top of the line model is the Weber Ducane 31311001 Affinity 3100 LP Gas Grill that’s available in Black and Stainless Steel steel design. You’ll definitely enjoy every backyard grilling with your family and friends with this 418 square inch cooking space, having more than enough area to accommodate 30 burgers all at once. It also has a warming rack intended for warming, slow cooking or finishing buns. Surely a perfect grab for your backyard or patio get togethers.


This gas grill takes pride of its stainless-steel rod cooking grates that retain heat evenly for you to achieve perfect roasting and beautifully seared food. Its electronic ignition ignites the grill easily and reliably with just a push of the button. Equipped with an integrated thermometer, there’s no more worries about the possibility of over cooking and stainless steel side tables and front control panels offer convenient work space for preparation. There’s also no danger of exposed tanks since the propane tank is discretely hidden and all its other accessories are in an enclosed cart, making it more of an organized gas grill.

Point by Point Review

The Good Points:

  • The assembly instructions were straightforward and easy to put together. All parts were accounted for and fit like they should.
  • Operation is a breeze with the electric igniter.
  • Feels very solid with well-made parts.
  • No problems firing it up and it heats up very quickly.
  • Provides a consistent flame on each burner so you get good cook-through with no burns or raw areas.
  • Lights easily, grills to perfection.
  • The grill cooks great. Food is cooked evenly and tastes great.
  • The stainless steel grill grates alone make it worth it –  they are thick stainless steel rods that get extremely hot and will not rust and are easy to clean.
  • Immune from wind and rain as long as the lid is closed.

The Bad Points:

  • Flares up every time it’s used, grates are too wide and is hard to clean.
  • If the wind is blowing with even just a little breeze, this grill gets the flame blown out every time.
  • Complaints of bent and damaged parts upon delivery.
  • The temperature on the front is lower than inside so food are not finished if not switched.

To Whom this Product is Best For

You’ll certainly be inspired to organize more and more outdoor cooking moments with close relatives and friends with your fully-featured and competitively priced Weber Ducane 31311001 Affinity 3100 LP Gas Grill. It’s an ideal and perfect gas grill for every household.


Picking a the right gas grill is never easy. You have to consider a lot of things and the included features are obviously on top of your priority. With that, it really helps to read reviews like this so you will be guided in your decision. With the numerous compliments and high ratings it garnered, this gas grill just might be the one you’re been looking for.